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A Letter

     The poem is about a kid. His father writes a letter to his brother and tells him about the recent incident that happened to his nephew. The nephew fell off of the stairs and he blamed his father for that. 
     Poem is ....... well, tell me about it in the comments. You can find more about me in About page.

The Poem

I wrote a letter and sent to my dear
"Don't open before time! Don't you dare!"
"It's just a letter so don't stare."
Your nephew slipped as he walked on stair
He didn't wear shirt, he walked bare
Fleetly as honey is chased by bear
He flew as swiftly as a hare
And got angry to see tangled hair
His politeness to me had been rear
He yelled as he mopped his rare
The dust mixed up in the surrounding air
The thought scares me of him being the heir
Radiancy in the eyes was like flare
But he always appeases me by his flair
His toy broke which he bought from fair
Debates like a driver asking for fare
Hated the sweater you sent to wear;
In winter. He said, "Uncle's started to ware."
Write me back when you get time to spare
Couldn't find unison for it, but I don't care

"A Letter" | A poem | by NAJMi | HNQuotes

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