The Tiny Seed || Inspirational Poem || HNQuotes

The Tiny Seed

People were getting ready to celebrate
The sun started shining late
Elegant flowers eliminated the hate
But the cruel clouds changed their fate

The light couldn’t reach, it got blocked
Some feared, while the others mocked
A feeble but precious flower fell down
Thorn pricked which it covered like a gown
A tiny seed that got buried, courageously
Many despised him, quizzaciously

A new ferocious era started
Hate and evil parted
Eerie whispers entered the land
A subtle fear shivered every hand

One day when kindness was crying
And last of its souvenir were dying
A warm tear dropped down its cheeks
That was to fill all the needy beaks
Some sprinkles fell over the seed
Into the ashes, they came to feed

Strong roots took him above the dark clouds
Above the darkness, above the hideous crowds
Its seraphic wings started thriving
Once again, the fish started diving
The kindness smiled over the seed
Banishing the hate, he was ready to lead.

The Tiny Seed || Inspirational Poem || HNQuotes

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