145+ The Walking Dead Quotes | From All Seasons [LATEST]

The Walking Dead Quotes

Today, you’ll see some really AMC’s The Walking Dead quotes by characters like Governor, Negan, and Daryl, Rick, etc. I collected more than 145 The Walking Dead quotes just for you to have a look at them. 

145+ The Walking Dead Quotes | Walking Dead Quotes by Negan, Rick, Michonne, Daryl [LATEST]

Reading quotes from your favorite show pretty much means watching the whole series again. You will also see some The Walking Dead inspirational quotes, The Walking Dead sad quotes, and much more. I covered almost every important character from The Walking Dead. I hope you enjoy it.

Top 13 “The Walking Dead Quotes”

1.       "How many walkers have you killed? How many people have you killed? WHY?"

2.       "We bury the one's we love and burn the rest." – Rick Grimes

3.       "Nice never got me anywhere. But, smart did." – Michonne

4.       "Little pig! Little pig! Let me in." – Negan

5.       "Dead. Alive. Or some kinda sh*t in between." – Negan

6.       "Don’t bullshit a bullshitter." – Carol

7.       "I ain't afraid of nothing." – Daryl Dixon

8.       "The bitch has to die." – Carol

9.       "Language! I'm a kid, a$shole!" – Judith

10.   "Life is always a test." – Hershel

11.   "And yet I smile." – Ezekiel

12.   "You honor the dead by going on, even when you're scared. You live because they don't get to." – Glen

13.   "If it feels wrong. If it feels easy. Don't do it." – Lori Grimes 

145+ The Walking Dead Quotes | Walking Dead Quotes by Negan, Rick, Michonne, Daryl [LATEST]

The Walking Dead Quotes Rick Grimes

This isn't a democracy anymore. – Rick Grimes

145+ The Walking Dead Quotes | Walking Dead Quotes by Negan, Rick, Michonne, Daryl [LATEST]

I hear Nebraska's nice. – Rick Grimes

I'm gonna kill you. Maybe not today, maybe not tomorrow. But nothing, nothing, is gonna change that. You're all already dead. – Rick Grimes

There're us and the dead. We survive this by pulling together. – Rick Grimes

I get it. Shit happens... – Rick Grimes

Choke hold's illegal, asshole. – Rick Grimes

I'm doing stuff. Lori! Things – Rick Grimes

We let go of all of it. And nobody dies. Everyone who's alive right now. Everyone who's made it this far. We've all done the worst kinds of things just to stay alive. But we can still come back. We're not too far gone. I know we all can change. – Rick Grimes

The future belongs to all of us now. – Rick Grimes

You showed me the new world. – Rick Grimes

You being back with us here. Now, that's everything. You're my brother. – Rick Grimes

How you live, how you die is not up to me. I'm not your governor. – Rick Grimes

They're screwing with the wrong people. – Rick Grimes

They're gonna feel pretty stupid when they find out. – Rick Grimes

We've all lost someone. – Rick Grimes

The Walking Dead Quotes Negan

Is this what you wanted to be? – Negan

They wanna see you upset. So don't give 'em what they want. – Negan

You are creepy as shit. – Negan

I will shut that shit down. No exception. – Negan

This is the kind of thing that tickles my balls. – Negan

Today was a productive damn day! – Negan

Punishment, can't do anything without that. Punishment is how we built everything we have. – Negan

You're adorable! Did you pick that gun because it looks cool? – Negan

Lucille is hungry. – Negan

145+ The Walking Dead Quotes | Walking Dead Quotes by Negan, Rick, Michonne, Daryl [LATEST]

If you don't protect what belongs to you, then sooner or later, it belongs to someone else. – Negan

Sucks, don't it? The moment you realize you don't know shit. – Negan

Holy shit! Somebody's gonna die! – Negan

We pissin' our pants yet? Boy, do I have a feeling we're getting close. Yep. Gonna be pee-pee pants city here real soon. Which one of you pricks is the leader?

Hey! Do not make me kill the little future serial killer; don't make it easy on me.

Whoa! Look at that! Taking it like a champ. 

Hi. You're Rick, right? I'm Negan. And I do not appreciate you killing my men. 

If someone knocks on your door, you let us in. We own that door. You try to stop us and we will knock it down. – Negan

You can breathe. You can blink. You can cry. Hell! You're all gonna be doing that. – Negan

You look beautiful, baby. – Negan

Excuse the shit out of my goddamn French. – Negan

The Walking Dead Quotes Michonne

Anger makes you stupid. Stupid gets you killed. – Michonne

You never take you enemy at their word, you measure them by their actions. – Michonne

We are the ones who live. – Michonne

145+ The Walking Dead Quotes | Walking Dead Quotes by Negan, Rick, Michonne, Daryl [LATEST]

But this world is gonna be better for my daughter. – Michonne

They deserved what they got. They weren't human to begin with. – Michonne

You're an a$$hole, you're not an idiot. – Michonne

I didn't make the choices I made. Because I thought they'd be easy. – Michonne

You see something? I know you see things. People I used to talk you. My dead boyfriend. It happens. – Michonne

It's not worth risking us. – Michonne

We're still standing, and we are going to keep standing. – Michonne 

The Walking Dead Quotes Daryl Dixon

You better watch your mouth, sunshine! – Daryl Dixon

I'd die for you. And I would have died for Carl. – Daryl Dixon

If you're gonna have your first drink. It ain't gonna be no Peach Schnapps. – Daryl Dixon

I was nobody. Nothing. – Daryl Dixon

We're making it better, building it up again. – Daryl Dixon

145+ The Walking Dead Quotes | Walking Dead Quotes by Negan, Rick, Michonne, Daryl [LATEST]

All of us together. We'll be their worst damn nightmare. – Daryl Dixon

What a bunch of a$$holes. – Daryl Dixon

Shoot me again? You best pray I'm dead. – Daryl Dixon

The Walking Dead Quotes Carol

You fight it. You don't give up. And one day you just change. – Carol

We've already paid. We'll keep paying. No matter what side of the end we're on. – Carol

It's double capper. They're good luck. Maybe it'll help you aim. – Carol

You said I could survive; you were right. – Carol

145+ The Walking Dead Quotes | Walking Dead Quotes by Negan, Rick, Michonne, Daryl [LATEST]

I didn't think I could be strong. – Carol

You are real to me. – Carol

We're friends of the chick with the sword and the kid in the hat. – Carol

The Walking Dead Quotes Carl Grimes

There has to be something after. – Carl

Not as strangers... As family. – Carl

Before Mom died she told me that I was gonna beat this world. – Carl

I'm just another monster too. – Carl

145+ The Walking Dead Quotes | Walking Dead Quotes by Negan, Rick, Michonne, Daryl [LATEST]

If me dying could stop this, if it could make thing different, for us, for all those other kids, it'd be worth it. – Carl

Carl's Letter to Rick in The Walking Dead

You told me about the walks we'd take when I was three. You holding my hand all the way around the neighborhood to Ross' farm. I didn't know that I remembered them, but I do. Because I see the sun, the corn and that cow that walked up to the fence and looked me in the eye. And you told me about all that stuff. But it isn't just that stuff. It's how I felt, holding your hand. I felt happy and special. I felt safe. I remember my eighth birthday at KKC with that giant cake and aunt Eavey showing up on leave, surprising all of us. I remember mom, I remember Codger, I remember school and going to the movies and Friday night pizza and cartoons and grandma and grandpa and church. Those summer barbecues, the kiddie pool you got me: we could have used that at the prison. – Carl

The Walking Dead Quotes Judith Grimes

What would my dad do? – Judith

I hope you can still hear them. – Judith

I'm starting to forget their voices. – Judith

The Walking Dead Quotes Glen

Hey, you. Dumbass. Yeah, you in the tank. You cozy in there? – Glen

Maggie! I'll find you. – Glen

Running is not an option. – Glen

People like you are supposed to be dead. – Glen

I'm supposed to delivering pizzas, man. – Glen

We gotta let those people out. That's still who we are. It's gotta be. – Glen

The Walking Dead Quotes Hershel

I can save lives, that's reason enough to risk mine. – Hershel

Mankind's been fighting plagues from the start. We get our behinds kicked for a while, then we bounce back. It's nature correcting herself, restoring some balance. – Hershel

I still think there's a plan. I still believe there's a reason. – Hershel

145+ The Walking Dead Quotes | Walking Dead Quotes by Negan, Rick, Michonne, Daryl [LATEST]

I still believe. – Hershel

Every moment now you don't have a choice. The only thing you can choose is what you're risking it for. – Hershel

The only thing you can choose is what you're risking your life for. – Hershel

The Walking Dead Quotes Beth

When you care about people, hurt is part of the package. – Beth

I sing. I still sing. – Beth

I need a drink. – Beth

I am strong. – Beth

You don't get to get upset. – Beth

You're gonna miss me so bad when I'm gone, Daryl Dixon – Beth

145+ The Walking Dead Quotes | Walking Dead Quotes by Negan, Rick, Michonne, Daryl [LATEST]

We all got jobs to do, that's what daddy always says. – Beth

You've got to save who you are, not who you were. – Beth

The Walking Dead Quotes Eugene

If you love each other, stop wasting time. It's all we have in the end. – Eugene

Stayin' safe means stayin' alive and I am A-Okay with doing whatever it takes to lock that down. – Eugene

The Walking Dead Quotes Father Gabriel

For once in your life, shut your damn mouth! – Father Gabriel

It always starts with one person. This did what we're doing here now. – Father Gabriel

What you're saying does not make you a sinner. – Father Gabriel

The Walking Dead Quotes Ezekiel

We are family. When the time is right, we'll reunite. – Ezekiel

Save them like you saved me. – Ezekiel

If you're asked to be the hero, be the hero. – Ezekiel

The Walking Dead Quotes Rosita

Make sure you've got something worth dying for. – Rosita

The people dying around you, that's the hard part. – Rosita

But we're gonna force you to do something useful with your pathetic life. – Rosita

The Walking Dead Quotes Tyreese Williams

It went the way it had to. The way it was always going to. – Tyreese Williams

Turn it off. – Tyreese Williams

The Walking Dead Quotes Morgan

We can take 'em one by one. – Morgan

Don't ever be sorry. – Morgan

The Walking Dead Quotes Maggie

I've been fighting since the farm. Can't stop now. – Maggie   

145+ The Walking Dead Quotes | Walking Dead Quotes by Negan, Rick, Michonne, Daryl [LATEST]

We have to keep our faith in each other. If we can hold on to that with everything we have, the future is ours. The world is ours. – Maggie

The Walking Dead Quotes Edith

I believe in Rick Grimes. – Edith

You're right. We need to win. – Edith

The Walking Dead Quotes Tara

I know it sucks and it's scary but it's time to be brave. – Tara

With or without you, I'm not letting that happen again. – Tara

The Walking Dead Quotes Andrea

The pain doesn't go away. You just make a room for it. – Andrea

I always thought there'd be more time. – Andrea

The Walking Dead Quotes Governor

Welcome to Woodbury!

I never tell.

I thought you were a cop, not a lawyer.

[To Milton] I told you to kill her but you didn't. And now you're gonna turn and you're gonna tear away the flesh from her bones. In this life now you kill or you die. Or you die and you kill.

Where ever they let us. There's no use making a plan.

In this world now; you kill and you die or you die and you kill. – Governor

145+ The Walking Dead Quotes | Walking Dead Quotes by Negan, Rick, Michonne, Daryl [LATEST]

That's a pawn. They're your soldiers.

You can't think forever. Sooner or later, you've got to make a move.

Probably best not think too much about it.

I remember the first smoke I ever had. Me and my brother huddled in the garage puffing on one of my dad's Lucky Strikes. He must have smelled the smoke, because he came barging in looking to beat up on us. But my brother got between us. Said he stole them. Wasn't true. It was me. But that was my brother. Hero. He got two black eyes and a broken rib for that. And I got beat anyway.

Is Hershel on the council? What about Michonne? She on the council, too?

Go through the fences. Get in your cars, get your guns. We go in, kill them all!

The Walking Dead Quotes Other Character

This is God's plan. He'll take care of me. He always has. – T-Dog

You're gonna be the last man standing.

I've chosen a side. And I'm here to help you beat Negan. – Dwight

We have to make sure what's left is worth what we lost. – Jesus

I remember that the pain is about knowing it won't ever happen. – Aaron

It's not your time. – Sasha

If you wanna live, if you wanna survive, you gotta fight for it. – Shane

You want to live, you take chances. – Denise

Find out what? – Abraham

You're cold as ice, officer friendly. – Merle

The world we know is gone but keeping our humanity, that's a choice. – Dale

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