Dirilis Ertugrul/Resurrection Ertugrul Quotes, Bravery | Romantic Quotes

Dirilis Ertugrul Quotes

Looking for Dirilis Ertugrul aka Resurrection; Ertugrul quotes, here is a list of some of the best quotes from the drama serial Dirilis Ertugrul. 
Dirilis Ertugrul/Resurrection Ertugrul Quotes, Bravery | Romantic Quotes
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Resurrection Ertugrul Quotes

These quotes show the bravery of the characters shown in the series.

We have found another scheme. May Allah help us! - Artuk Bey

Now you will taste my justice. - Ural Bey

A man who serves justice himself, is always hiding something. - Ertugrul Bey

[to Ural] Remember, your arrogant head is still at the edge of my sword. - Ertugrul Bey

We all know who the hyena and who the lion is. - Bamsi Alp

The recompense for an injury is an injury equal thereto. But if a person forgives and makes reconciliation; his reward is due from Allah. - [Quran Verse] Qadi

For at least once, act reasonably, Aslihan. - Aliyar Bey

I know these people very well. They always have secret plans. - Dumrul Alp

In the end; it is results that matter, not the goal. - Sadettin Kopek

Up till now, I haven't let my sword get rusty. But now I see that I must sheathe my sword and fight with my mind. - Ertugrul Bey

The greatest fortune is the mind. Words uttered by your mind are sharper than any blade. - [Hazrat Ali R.A] Ibn Al Arabi

Never lose your enthusiasm, as they say. - Master Hacaturyan

When the day of conquest is here, the fewer enemies we fight, the better. - Ertugrul Bey

As long as I live, I'll be with you, Ertugrul Bey. - Aliyar Bey

Very well. - Sadettin Kopek

When I make a promise, I keep it. - Sadettin Kopek

Both my hostility and friendship are to please Allah. Anyone following His path is my friend. - Ertugrul Bey

I have business to talk with father. - Gunduz

Allah tests his beloved men. If you're not tested, if you have no hardships, if you have no worries, know that something is wrong. - Ibn al Arabi

Justice slows you down... neglect tires you and pride takes your life away. - Ibn al Arabi

[to Ural] You have a lot to discuss with your father in hell. - Batuhan

You have a darker scheme, Vasilius. - Sadettin Kopek

Your anger weakens you. - Tekfur Vasilius

Walking is hard. Walking on the right path is even harder. - Ibn al Arabi

The sound of the gold is the best sound ever. - Master Hacaturyan

No soldier says no to gold. - Master Hacaturyan

We will be honorable in the face of cruelty, and show mercy to the innocent. - Ertugrul Bey

War is a man's thing. You do it with heart not with your sword. You win it with brain not by ambitions. - Ertugrul Bey

The prayers of a mother are the strongest armors. - Aliyar Bey

The lust for power blinds a man so badly that he thinks everything he does is right. - Ertugrul Bey

Any door that we can't get through with weapons can get through with my key. Master Hacaturyan

Ertugrul and Aliyar are allies now. Let's see how long that alliance lasts. - Ural Bey

I'm saying "special things" to a lady. Can't you leave us alone? - Master Hacaturyan

Only evil comes out from the friendship of a snake and a centipede. - Artuk Bey

Knowledge is a Muslim's missing asset. He should get it where he finds it. [Holy Hadith] - Ibn al Arbai

Bey, you know how they say your palms itch before you get money? My swords are itching just like that. - Bamsi Alp

Treachery appears in the most unexpected people. - Ural Bey

It's easy to lose a person's trust. What's difficult is to win it. - Hayme Ana

Fear has rendered many a great leader helpless, and caused them to fail. - Artuk Bey

Fill the bags of my heart with a single look and a single smile. - Dogan Alp

Prepare yourself, Ertugrul Bey. The war has just begun. - Tekfur Vasilius

If Dumrul dies, he'll be honored to be a martyr. - Ertugrul Bey

There is no fort that can withstand the might of Allah. - Ertugrul Bey

Oh! The great world! How much more corruption do you hold within? - Hayme Ana

We are like the limbs of a body. If somebody wants to tear us apart, we will not let them do so. - Ertugrul Bey

The mountain depends on the ground. The people depend upon the Bey. - Ibn al Arabi

Some duffer from longing, others suffer from reunion. - Ertugrul Bey

Be alert! We are now in Ertugrul's area. - Commander Angelos

If it was about this mere throne, I'd have one made. But, it's about earning this throne. - Ural Bey

Revenge is as beautiful as taking a long deep breath. - Tekfur Vasilius

Come and we'll see how thick your neck is. - Turgut Alp

The infidel's sword is only pulled out in fear of his life. - Ural Bey

If men are afraid in their own fort, that isn't a good news. - Ural Bey

Humankind is just like dough. If you squeeze it much, it spills out of your hands and is wasted. - Ibn al Arabi

We can rest when we are in our graves. - Bamsi Alp

Remember, too much or too little of everything will ruin everything. - Aliyar Bey

[about Ural] He can't touch us as long as my Ertugrul is alive. - Hayme Ana

Courage wins wars, not numbers, commander. - Tekfur Vasilius

I have learned that only patience brings victory against the Turks. - Tekfur Vasilius

What makes Turkish women strong and proud is pain. It's their loyalty and faith in their husbands. - Halime Hatun

Romantic Quotes in Resurrection Ertugrul 

Whenever you look at me with that smile, I and our son both feel so good. - Halime Hatun

My love for you is as big as mountains and as strong as rivers. - Ertugrul Bey

Only your gaze in enough to refresh my soul. - Ertugrul Bey

You came and made me smile. You gave me relief. What else could I want. - Ertugrul Bey

You are the queen of my heart. - Ertugrul Bey

Love isn't the meeting of the eyes, it's the meeting of the heart. - Ertugrul Bey

May you stay undefeated, and your heart unshaken. - Halime Hatun

Hafsa, you are as flawless as a calm sea. I could watch you day and night. - Bamsi Alp

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